A food industry consultant putting together a food product launch plan

How to Market Your Food Product

Whether you’re marketing a dessert or a pantry staple, getting your food product out into the public eye has never been more difficult. Between the established brands and the up-and-comers, the industry is packed with choices across the board. We’ll look at how to stand out, even if you’re working in the most saturated of sectors, and why a food industry consultant might be the key to helping you connect with customers.

Singled Out

An entrepreneur has their eye on every aspect of the business, but they forget that the average person doesn’t. Even the most well-known brands have to simplify when it comes to how they speak to their customers.

It’s often best to pick one feature and sell it. Ask yourself a few key questions before you begin your campaign:

  • Is your product the cheapest? The tastiest? The most nutritious?
  • Are you marketing to time-strapped parents? College students? The elite home cooks of the world?
  • What kind of brand recognition do you have? Do you cater to a niche crowd?
  • What are your competitors saying? How can you distinguish your food from theirs?

This isn’t to say that you can’t advertise that your food is both delicious and affordable, only that you’re using the most prominent benefit to wedge a proverbial foot in the door in the minds (and shopping carts) of the consumer.

Consider Your Scale

Most companies would consider a boom in business a blessing, forgetting that scaling operations can be a tricky venture for even the most experienced magnate. If you’re going to market to the masses though, you need to have a plan in place if the public turns out in droves. You can’t count your chickens before they hatch, but you should have a basic strategy for what you’ll do just in case.

Seek Feedback

New food products often start small as a way to gauge public interest and general demand. The more you talk to people about what they’re looking for, the easier it will be to present and price your product. Make a product price too high and you might drive away the very people you’re trying to help. Make it too low and people might doubt the quality.

Hire a Food Industry Consultant

The right food industry consultants can use their buying capacity to get you a better deal and provide the kind of supply security that you’ll need if your business starts taking off. If you’re having a tough time finding ingredients or a reliable partner, they can start solving problems. All this support can be essential to streamlining your operations, which can result in anything from lower costs to a tastier product.

The Greater Goods has built a client base by looking out for your bottom line. We reduce ingredient and packaging costs, allowing you to pass those savings to the consumer and increase sales. We can help you achieve your goals so you can start developing the messages that will stick with your audience.

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