A woman walking through a grocery store surveying all the products

6 Steps to Bring Your Food Product to Market

Bringing your food product to market is not an easy business, but it can be done with the right help. The following are the six basic steps you’ll need to take to bring any type of food product to the consumer. 1. Work With a Food Business Consultant A food business consultant will help to… Continue reading →

A picture of a lady looking at a the possible food selections at a grocery store

How to Sell Your New Food Product to Companies

When you’ve invented a new food product, you need to find companies to buy your wares. How do you get your food products carried by grocery stores or used on a restaurant menu? There are many companies that are looking for the best foods to offer their customers. You will need to decide what customer… Continue reading →

Why Hire a Food Broker for a New Product Launch?

When you’re getting ready to launch a food product, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the event. But when the food industry is so tightly packed with competitors, it’s crucial to give your company the right advantages. Whether you’re competing on value, taste, or sheer novelty, food ingredient brokers can be… Continue reading →

15 Characteristics of An Effective Food Broker

Food Ingredient Brokers don’t exactly have an official playbook that spells out how to turn themselves into a success. There needs to be the right combination of skill, ambition, and instinct to be a highly effective professional.  1. Picking the Right Manufacturers Trust is the key here. Do you believe that their manufacturers will come… Continue reading →

Pros & Cons Of Working With Food Broker

Have you ever been frustrated that you can’t find a reliable source for the key ingredient to a fabulous new menu item? Do you stress about an inconsistent price and quality of your ingredients? Are you looking in vain for products and purveyors with organic and other certifications? Do you find yourself spending as much… Continue reading →

Case study: OK! Kombucha

Highlights Mentoring a young company Making a wealth of introductions Creating co-manufacturing opportunities Stimulating sales Situation OK! Kombucha is a young company that we encountered in our role as volunteer mentors for Futurpreneur Canada, a national non-profit organization that provides resources and mentoring to young entrepreneurs. Erik and Safa, both in their mid-20s, started the… Continue reading →

Luisella: Not a Nutty Business

Highlights 50% ingredient cost savings  A slam dunk success! Situation Patricia Di Chiara, a graduate from the entrepreneurial program at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, won a prize for her business plan for a new kind of chocolate spread. After reading an article about it, we reached out to her. The mother of two and… Continue reading →