Hello. We’re the Greater Goods.

We’re food industry consultants focused on bringing our customers immediate cost savings and more income.

Think of us as problem solvers. With the greater goods you can outsource your weakness—whether that’s vision and branding, ingredients sourcing or the mechanics of the food business.

Want to grow your business to $20 million in sales? We’ll help you get there. That’s what we do.

So take your coat off, stay awhile, and explore the fantastic consulting services and ingredients savvy that we’re proud to share with you.

Where success is shared.

Why Work with Bernard?

With over 15 years in food business consulting, Bernard is a professional with the credentials and experience to take your product from good to great. Bernard can help with the full spectrum of your business needs - whether it’s developing a concept and a brand, sourcing the right ingredients for the right price, finding the perfect manufacturer, or landing domestic & export contracts. Most importantly, for Bernard it’s all about finding the right fit - only working with clients that he believes he can help achieve their objectives, and dreams.

  • 20+Years Experience

  • 25MRevenue Generated

  • 34Export Countries

  • 170Lbs Chocolate Eaten

Ingredients We Source

  • Symbol of a cocoa leaf ingredient sourced in Canada by food consultants like Bernard.


    We all know using inferior ingredients results in inferior products. We regularly source the highest quality ingredients from the world’s best suppliers to ensure you’re creating only the best product for your customers.

  • Symbol of a Chocolate Bar ingredient sourced in Canada by food consultants like Bernard.


    Take advantage of our powerful network to optimize your cost of production. We can help with all aspects of your business from ingredients & packaging to manufacturing & distribution - finding efficiencies in every corner of your business.

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    If you succeed, we succeed. If you don’t succeed, neither do we. We’re sincere when we say “Where Success Is Shared”. We only engage in relationships that are beneficial to both parties - we’d love to be part of your journey to the success you’ve imagined for your business.

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    Whether you’re looking for standard quality ingredients or ingredients with Organic, Non-GMO Vegan and/or Allergen-free certifications, we’re more than happy to help. Let us use our connections to save you the hassle of finding the ingredients you need.