Why 95% of Food Startups Fail…

and How We’ll Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen to You!

Welcome to The Greater Goods!

As you may know, 95% of the people who launch
food products into the marketplace fail.

And they don’t just fail… they fail miserably
and never recover financially, mentally, or emotionally.

All their hard-earned moneyplus all the time and effort they
put into launching their brand–was all for nothing.

In the end, they’re left with boxes of products stacked to the ceiling,
which they try to unload at deeply discounted prices.

They’re happy to recoup even a fraction of the
money they spent launching their brand.

Let us show you exactly how to avoid spending your hard-earned
money launching a product that no one wants to buy!

Why Work With Bernard?

With over 20 years of experience as a food business consultant, Bernard is a professional with the credentials and experience to take your product from good to great. Bernard can help with the full spectrum of your business needs – whether it’s developing a concept and a brand, sourcing the right ingredients for the right price, finding the perfect manufacturer, or landing domestic & export contracts. Most importantly, for Bernard it’s all about finding the right fit – only working with clients that he believes he can help achieve their objectives and dreams.


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How do I get my food or beverage product into stores?

That is the million-dollar question. The first thing you need is a product that’s aligned with consumer demands.


How much money do I need to start a food business?

It’s best to discuss this question during a 15-minute free consultation, as there are many factors that come into play. However, The Greater Goods will handle all of the details for you including packaging,, ingredient sourcing, forecasting, finding the right co-manufacturer, meeting regulatory requirements, and much, much more. The entire process takes approximately 3 to 4 months.. However, we’re with you every step of the way, from start to finish!


What is involved in starting a food business?

Starting a food business is rarely a part-time hobby. Like any business, it requires investment and planning. If you don’t know the food industry well, there are a lot of steps involved and two really important things to know.

What Our Customers Say

K Harris
K Harris
18:44 23 Jan 23
I couldn’t say more positive things about the care and interest Bernard has in understanding my passion and also taking the time to really get a handle on my future goals and vision. His business acumen, vocabulary, awareness, and common sense approaches seem to be extremely sound and solid. I have found him to be dependable and most importantly to me I always feel he is in your corner and a real advocate. Everyone is looking for their share and piece of the pie and he wants to make sure you have yours and then some. He has been more of a partner and friend whom I can rely on to give it to me straight and also help me safely navigate around the corner and avoid the pitfalls. It is often said that time is money. He has saved me some of the former and a lot of the latter. I feel fortunate that I found The Greater Goods and Bernard. He has played an instrumental part as my business is transitioning and growing.
Ajay Gaikwad
Ajay Gaikwad
15:35 23 Jan 23
I appreciate the insight Bernard and his team have given me to grow my business.I love working with them. Bernard is very quick in responding and go out of the box to help.
Chef Doris Fin
Chef Doris Fin
23:24 20 Jan 23
After a consultation with Bernard, I learnt about options that I never knew existed and thus I feel more confident and assured by Bernard and his team’s expertise, connections, and their determination to help me, and all their customers.He shared with me so much valuable information that made all the difference in my decision. He’s not only kind and knowledgable but both him and his team go that extra mile to make sure you’re happy and successful.I especially value the fact that Bernard and his company only work with companies that create products that are in integrity, that aren’t just health focussed, but actually care about what goes into their products and thus into their customers’ bodies.Clean ingredients, sustainability and good work ethics are crucial.If your ingredients are clean and your mission is to be a solution to this endless world of toxic products and you too really care about what goes into your body and that of your customers, this is the company to work with because they’ll help you get from point A to Z in a manner that suits your business and your needs.Thank you Bernard and team Greater Goods for being one of the rare exceptional companies to really care about your customers and go that extra mile to help us and our customers.Highly recommended!

Our Success Stories

Liva Foods – Sweet Success

Liva Foods is one Greater Goods client that needed help in several areas. We took their (excellent) branding and introduced them to a firm that produces standout packaging—a perfect match. When the final product was ready, we signed $2 million in deals with brokers in Europe, the U.S., Korea and Japan.

Luisella: Not a Nutty Business

When The Greater Goods joined forces with Luisella, we were able to source ingredients and reduce costs by approximately 50%. We source all the raw materials, negotiate pricing with the vendors, and forecast availability and pricing to safeguard production.