Food Product Development Services

Is your product ready to go, or at the idea stage? Either way, we can help you bring it to perfection with science-based food product development. What does the perfect product look like? Would it be super healthy, halal, or certified organic? What about shelf-life? Is it already shelf-stable?

Achieve food product development perfection

Get food science on your side. You can cut months of food product development into weeks when you work with the right professionals. Our experts bring experience, knowledge and fresh ideas to the table. They can also help reduce your product costs.

Get food science on your side

Depending on your goals, claims can be important: vegan, kosher, non-GMO, or products suitable for a ketogenic diet are popular, but ensuring that you meet standards takes some work. We work with you to fine-tune your product to meet the desired criteria, then obtain the certifications you need. We can also take care of food safety CFCR licensing, nutritional labelling, and nutritional fact tables for different markets, as well as GS1 barcoding and trademark management. 

Food product development takes some work, but it’s always faster and often less expensive with expert help. Let’s bring your recipe to perfection! to start with a free consultation.