Food Packaging Consultant

How does your product name and packaging communicate your brand? Let’s hope it doesn’t scream “this package was created by someone’s niece who wants to go to graphic design school”. We find that smart people with great product ideas often cut corners on branding and packaging. It’s too bad because it can mean the difference between success and failure. Think of branding as building a foundation for the expression of your brand.

Food Packaging Consultant: Best Branding, Best Packaging

If you put a boring package into a competitive category, how can you expect sales? If you have completed a {market opportunity assessment}, [LINK to page] you know precisely who will buy your product, what they are looking for in a brand, and what kind of price premium they are willing to pay. If our customer Liva Foods had chosen to brand similar to its competitors, they also would be selling at a razor-thin margin rather than enjoying a healthy profit. Read the Liva Foods story

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)-ready products need to line up the needs of the consumers they target with their marketing strategy, including branding and packaging. If you have a premium product, the branding needs to align with that. The opposite is also true: there’s a reason why Costco, No Frills, and Bulk Barn branding is plain and cheap-looking. 

So don’t just slap on a label and get going. The flavor of your branding is every bit as important as the flavor of your product. It’s worth spending some time to get it right. If you’re ready we are a food packaging consultant that can help make your product irresistible to shoppers, to arrange your free consultation with us today!