Frequently Asked Questions

“What is Food Business Consulting?”

Food Business Consultants help restaurants, food manufacturers, food producers, or other food industry companies with any challenges they face in the industry. At the greater goods, we help food businesses with finding the right ingredients, finding a great price, finding quality ingredients, developing a brand, connecting with the right manufacturer, or securing domestic or export contracts. We tailor our services to your specific needs.

Here are some things we’ve done recently:

Secured a first sales contract—to Europe, for $2 million—paving the way for domestic sales.

Saved a customer 50% by sourcing their main ingredient at a higher quality.

Worked with a new company with branding, identifying a need in the market, and developing great packaging.

Ensured a reliable supply of ingredients for several of our customers by matching their products to the optimal manufacturer for each.

“What is a Food Ingredient Broker?”

Food Ingredient Brokers help you find the ingredients you need by connecting you with food ingredient suppliers all over the world. At the greater goods, we help food businesses find quality ingredients for their specific needs. We also have a global network of connections so we can find the right ingredients for the right price.

“How can you find the ingredients I need?”

We have been working in the ingredients industry for a long time. Over the years, we’ve made a lot of great connections. Read about how we helped Liva Foods with finding ingredients that fit their needs.

“Can you find reasonable prices?”

We’ve made strategic connections so that we’re able to source globally. We know where to find the right level of quality at the right price to suit your needs. We use our group buying capacity to leverage better prices for all our clients. Skeptical? Read about how we helped Luisella Chocolate Spread reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

“How can you find the quality I need?”

We all know using inferior ingredients results in inferior products. We regularly source the highest quality ingredients from the world’s best suppliers to ensure you’re creating only the best product for your customers.

“How can you help with certifications?”

We source ingredients with the desired certifications and we can help certify your product. Let’s talk about your specific certification needs: Book a free consultation with us.

“Can you help find reliable suppliers?”

Whether you’re looking for standard quality ingredients or ingredients with Organic, Non-GMO Vegan and/or Allergen-free certifications, we can find you, reliable suppliers. We can source reliable manufacturers that are optimized for your product.

“What ingredients do you specialize in?”

We’re not limited to a list of specific ingredients but these are the types of ingredients we work with most: Chocolate, Cocoa, Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Nut Butters. Not seeing the ingredient you need? Contact us about your specific challenges, or as we like to call them, opportunities!