Food Industry Consultants

What we do

We’re food industry consultants. Our goal is to help business owners in the food industry increase their profits by reducing their ingredient and packaging costs as well as increasing their sales.

How we reduce costs

Thanks to our purchasing experience in the food industry on both the buy and sell-side, we have the knowledge to lower your ingredient and packaging costs.

We know where to find the right level of quality at the right price to suit your needs. And because we love a good deal, we’re constantly searching for new, more cost-efficient sources of ingredients to improve your bottom line.

We’re food industry consultants that help your company increase product sales & margins.

  • Using our group buying capacity to leverage better prices for all our clients
  • Sourcing from industry leading competitive sources
  • Helping solve ingredient/ manufacturing challenges
  • Providing supply security
  • Identifying co-manufacturing opportunities (In and Out)
Photo of one hand helping another up symbolizing the greater goods consulting services

How we increase sales

As your Food Industry Consultant, we will take a deep dive & look at how you’re running your business and develop creative solutions to help you increase your sales.

Primary Services

  • Introducing you to prospective clients
  • Supporting or representing you at marketing events
  • Diversifying your broker base to increase your exposure (nationally and internationally)

Why we do it

Because we believe that when you succeed, we succeed.