About Us

The Greater Goods is a food industry consultancy based in Toronto. We help young companies thrive—whether it’s a matter of developing a concept and a brand, sourcing the right ingredients for the right price, finding the perfect manufacturer, or landing domestic or export contracts.

Some things we’ve done recently:

  • Helped a customer source their main ingredient with better quality and 50% cost savings
  • Secured a first sales contract—to Europe, for $2 million—paving the way for domestic sales
  • Worked with a young entrepreneur to identify a need in the market, develop a brand and source show-stopping packaging
  • Matched several customers’ products to the optimal manufacturer for each, while ensuring a steady supply of all ingredients

We help you thrive.

No matter what your roadblock, we can help you get unstuck and experience explosive growth. We have significant experience in all the skill sets required to conceive, brand, source, manufacture, package, market and sell.

Our sweet spot is helping companies in and around the health/functional foods industry. If that’s you, feel free to get in touch.

Photo of The Greater Goods Owner and Director of Sales Bernard Verkaaik

Bernard Verkaaik
Owner / Director of Sales

After graduating with a commerce degree, I immigrated to Canada from The Netherlands in 2001. Just before the holiday season I was feeling pretty homesick, so I went to a Christmas concert to cheer myself up

(yes…I’m one of those people who loves Christmas music).

By chance, I was seated next to the ingredient broker guru, Peter Lubbe. We got to talking and after telling him about my unfulfilling job, he took me under his wing and introduced me to the ingredient brokerage business, a business I quickly fell in love with.

After learning the ins and outs of the business from Peter, I spent the next 15 years organizing industry-wide seminars on commodity market trends and leading customer training and innovation at Barry-Callebaut. I honed my skills in all facets of the business in order to prepare myself for my own venture, the greater goods.

When I’m not busy brokering ingredient deals, developing sales strategies or creating cost saving solutions for my customers, you can find me hiking the hillsides of Collingwood before settling down to dinner with my young daughter. Luisella Chocolate Spread (a greater goods customer) is always on the menu.