Sourcing & Manufacturing

Optimize food ingredient sourcing & manufacturing

If you have a product that should sell for $10, subtract all your costs and see what you end up with. After ingredient costs, packaging and manufacturing, brokerage, distribution, coop marketing… what’s your slice? You have a passion for your product—making sure that passion also fills your bank account is a big part of what we do.

Lower your ingredient costs

When our customers first come to us with a ‘finished’ product, the cost of their ingredients almost always represents the biggest cost-savings opportunity. Most of them are paying far too much. Then, when they do the math, they find that after everyone else is paid, they aren’t going to make any money. 

Sourcing food ingredients is a maze – there can be six or seven layers of buying and selling between the farmer and your product, each of which adds cost. As food ingredient brokers, we have near-source relationships, giving us access to the highest quality ingredients at the lowest bulk prices. We can also secure non-GMO, organic, kosher, halal ingredients—whatever your needs. Find out how we cut ingredient costs for our customer, Luisella, by 50%.

Build certainty, lock in low food ingredient costs

Lock in low ingredient prices

Let’s say that your chief ingredient is almonds. What happens if there are droughts in almond-growing areas? What if a big market like China suddenly goes nuts about almonds and buys up the whole crop? You have a big commitment with a retailer and the price of almonds doubles…where’s your margin now? 

We source food ingredients and negotiate favourable contract pricing that will protect your margins. As with the stock market, we have access to historical and predictive ingredient pricing. We also have some tremendous supplier relationships. So when the market for your chief ingredient is favourable, we will recommend locking in an assured supply at a contract price. 

Find your dream manufacturer

Manufacturing is tricky. Some manufacturers will consider you small fry and won’t give you the attention or the affordability you need. Others will struggle to keep up as your sales grow. Thanks to our knowledge of your product, we can match you with a co-manufacturer that specializes in your kind of product. One with better processing fees, better packaging costs and the right size and abilities for what you produce. We also negotiate packaging and manufacturing pricing on your behalf, ensuring that you get the most competitive price possible. 

Are you ready to start producing—and making money at it? Let’s take a look at your ingredient line-up and talk manufacturing! Arrange your free consultation.