Ways The Greater Goods Can Help You Start a Business in 2022

Thinking of launching your own food business in 2022? It’s not a bad idea. While a lot of industries have their ups and downs depending on the economy and current trends, there is always one thing that people are going to need: food.

However, starting a food business can be a big job. In fact, it’s hard to even know where to start! That’s where the greater goods comes in. We’re a food industry consultancy based in Toronto, Ontario, that has a passion for helping young companies thrive in the business.

How do we do that? Read on for the different ways the greater goods can help you start a business in 2022.

Food Start-up Consulting

Do you have an idea for a product and are unsure of what to do next? Or have you already created a product, branding, and even packaging, but are now completely stuck? Then you would be a great candidate for food start-up consulting with the greater goods.

There are two main phases in the process, the first of which is validation and planning. Here, we determine whether there is indeed a market for your product and, perhaps most importantly, whether it has a fighting chance against the competition. If everything checks out we move to phase 2, which we call launch, and from here it’ll be smooth sailing. We have a 100% track record, so you can be confident that you’ll be well on your way to success!

Food Product Launch Strategy

Many start-ups try to go straight to a food broker to get help with distribution, which is often a mistake. A food broker usually wants to hear about your sales before they even consider taking you on, but what if you don’t have any?

Well, then you need a food marketing strategy, including a sales launch plan. This can show brokers that, while you don’t currently have any sales, you at least have a well-thought-out plan that shows you can be successful in the marketplace.

The best part? We already have a network of brokers we use for both Canadian and international sales, including the US and Europe. This means we know how to help you find the best – and most successful – broker for your needs.

Market Opportunity Assessment

It’s great to have confidence in your food product idea, but how do you know for sure? Sometimes a gut feeling isn’t quite enough to make you want to take a risk. And that’s why you need a market opportunity assessment.

This will help you determine who will buy your product, the shopper problem it solves, and how to brand, price, and market it for best results. Investors want to know your food marketing strategy is based on research and facts, and a market opportunity assessment will help give them that certainty and comfort they need to move forward.

Food Product Development Services

Whether your product is nearly ready to hit the shelves or is just at the idea stage, the greater goods can help you achieve food product development perfection with our team of experts. We can help with:

  • Making your product meet standards (like vegan, kosher, non-GMO, etc.)
  • Food safety CFCR licensing
  • Nutritional labelling
  • Nutritional fact tables
  • GS1 barcoding
  • Trademark management

And we may even be able to help you reduce product costs in the process!

All-in-all, working with the greater goods can help you start your food business cheaper, faster, and with less mistakes. Book a free consultation today!

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