The Role of Technology in Boosting the Efficiency and Safety of the Supply Chain for Your Food Business

As food business startup consulting experts with years of experience helping companies large and small in connecting with ingredients suppliers, the team at The Greater Good wants to underscore the critical nature of your food supply chain.

You need a robust supply chain so your business will run safely and efficiently as you continue to grow. Expanding your brand in the marketplace will depend on the quality of your supply chain.

Food Safety in the Context of Supply Chain Logistics

Food safety should be your highest priority. The health of your customers and your brand demand adherence to the strictest food supply chain safety protocols.

Consider that approximately 10% of people worldwide (about 600 million individuals) become ill from consuming food that’s been contaminated by parasites, viruses, bacteria and other unsafe material, with 420,000 dying each year, according to the World Health Organization. You don’t want any of your customers to be amongst this list of victims.

Why You Need Food Business Startup Consulting Professionals to Help You Develop a Stronger Supply Chain

With the safety of your customers at stake, it’s wise to keep in mind how the strength of your food supply chain makes a difference.

As Just Food explained, a common scenario in the food industry involves a new supplier providing a spice mix, and now it includes an ingredient that you’ve never used before in manufacturing sauces.

The result is an undeclared ingredient in your food, requiring a recall effort to protect consumers who may be harmed by an allergen.

With excellent lines of communication between you and your supply chain partners, you’ll be able to address hiccups such as undeclared ingredients. Discovering an error like this as soon as possible helps to prevent injury to customers. It’s also crucial to maintain your good reputation, showing that your priority is customer safety and well-being.

Your expertise is in coming up with delicious food products and doing consumer research to fine-tune your marketing campaigns. You would be best served by relying on industry professionals to consult with you to develop the safest and most responsive supply chain so your production will keep humming along without delays.

Another factor is efficiency. Your consultants will ensure that your supply chain allows for accurate inventory management to meet your monthly production and distribution goals.

And to meet your business plan goals for growth over the coming years, it’s best to work with food industry consultants who already have experience managing at scale as a food business starts to grow more popular and sees a big demand from customers.

Connect With Us to Improve the Safety and Security of Your Food Supply Chain

It’s clear that a robust supply chain will be essential to your food business’s future growth and development.

But there’s no need for you to become a technology expert when you can work with seasoned professionals. While you focus on providing the best products and services to your customers, it would be prudent to partner with industry experts with years of food supply chain experience to help smooth the path forward for you.

To book a free consultation or to learn more about our approach to food business startup consulting, please get in touch with the team at The Greater Good at 647-407-8847 today.

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