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How to Sell Your New Food Product to Companies

When you’ve invented a new food product, you need to find companies to buy your wares. How do you get your food products carried by grocery stores or used on a restaurant menu? There are many companies that are looking for the best foods to offer their customers. You will need to decide what customer base you are targeting and which retailers are going to fit your brand. In many cases, a food broker can help you target the best buyers for your newly invented food product.

Determine Your Niche in the Food Production Market

You need to have your own place in the sea of food manufacturers and vendors. Your angle will help set you apart from other companies that offer similar food products or target a similar audience. You will need to determine what your current level of production is to pinpoint what volume is ideal for your current process

Discover Top Retailers with a Food Broker

It can be difficult to form the right relationships and find the top retailers for your brand. A middle-man, or food broker, can help facilitate these relationships. While you focus on what you do best (create appealing and innovative food products), the food broker can get you the best deals and connections to buyers. Your food broker is going to

Plan Your Approach for Sales

It will be important to also determine what kind of relationship you want to hold with the food companies you partner with. Will you sell to a manufacturer who handles the distribution or will you sell products ready-to-go to a retailer. Some foods may be prepared for the food-service industry, while other products need to be individually packaged for retail. When you decide your ideal target audience and buyer, you will have a better idea of how you need to prepare your products for sale.

Pitch Your Product to Buyers

You can pitch your product directly to your target buyer, or you can let your food broker do the presentation. You will want to bring samples of your product to show off exactly what the buyer can expect. You will want to be prepared to show barcode and packaging as well as information on price lists, conditions of sale, production capacity, and quantity discounts. During this meeting, you should be prepared to share your industry experience, your business plan, and a professional business card. Always listen carefully to buyer feedback and be prepared to implement ideas for improvement, like better packaging.

Launching your newly invented food product is a big deal that will have a huge impact on your business. At the end of the day, a food broker can really help bridge the gap between your expertise and the buyer’s needs. You can find a great food broker to help you problem-solve and grow your sales. In order to grow in a sustainable way, working with the best food buyers for your niche in the market.

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