How to Package Your Food or Beverage Product

It might sound like a small detail, but the packaging you choose for the food and beverage products you sell can make all the difference in your product sales. The right packaging will keep your food safe while also appealing to a wide variety of customers. There’s a lot that must go into package selection. Good packaging is strong, visually appealing, functional and conforms to your company’s brand identity. Doing research and working with a food packaging consultant can help you through this process. Here’s what you need to know.

Know the Product Packaging Requirements

First and foremost, your product packaging must provide proper protection to ensure that your food or beverage product will remain fresh and safe for consumption. Product packaging requirements can be complex. Government regulations play a role in packaging requirements. Labelling requirements are government regulated as well. Following these requirements are so important that many small business owners benefit from working with a food packaging consultant on this issue.

Do Your Homework

Do research before choosing packaging for your food product. Know what your competition is doing. Read trade publications and find websites that discuss the issue of food packaging. Attend trade shows and join associations for small businesses that sell food products. Become an expert on this subject, and align yourself with an expert who can bring you up to speed on industry trends and recent innovations that could benefit your particular type of product. Get samples of packaging materials and try them for yourself. Know what works for your particular food items, and what doesn’t.

It’s very important to know what your competition is doing, so stay up to date on all their product releases. Follow their social media accounts and websites, watch for changes in the way they package their materials, and use your competition to get good ideas. You can learn what to do and what not to do just by watching others in your business.

Make Your Budget

Packaging costs money, and that affects how much you charge for your products. Make a budget that includes product pricing, business overhead, profit goals and other financial variables to determine how much you can afford to spend on your product packaging. Remember that your food packaging consultant can help you find the best deal on product packaging. Switching vendors, buying in larger quantities and shopping around can help you get the packaging needed for a price you can afford.

If you’re on a tight budget, use stock packaging rather than customized packaging. Hire a professional graphic designer to design a label that speaks to your brand identity and makes your food packaging look as appealing as possible.

Hire a Professional Food Packaging Consultant

Whether you’re new to the food industry or an experienced veteran who just needs better packaging for your product, hiring a professional food packaging consultant can help. To get started today, contact The Greater Goods for a free consultation.

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