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How Sustainable Packaging Plays a Key Role in Building Brand Transparency

According to a report in Barrons, eight out of 10 consumers report that they value sustainability, with about 70 percent of those polled stating that they would be willing to pay an average of 35 percent more for products that are environmentally friendly. And with any sort of increased demand for sustainable products is going to come an increased desire for sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is part of a grander sustainability strategy, and it can help engage and improve sales from eco-conscious consumers. It’s why working with a food packaging consultant can prove to be so beneficial as part of any strategy. Here’s a closer look at how sustainable packaging helps build brand transparency:

Sustainable Packaging Strategies to Build Brand Transparency

Consumers don’t just want to know where products come from, but many are increasingly inquiring about where packaging comes from as well. Hence, ensuring that packaging is made from sustainable materials or optimized in a way where less material is used can help appease eco-conscious shoppers. Here’s a look at some strategies to communicate the sustainability of your packaging:

  • Include information on how to recycle it: While paper and cardboard are almost always able to be recycled (and easily recycled via curbside bins), many consumers aren’t aware that many of today’s plastic packaging can be recycled as well. However, flexible plastic cannot be placed into curbside bins just yet — there is usually an extra step or two involved. Include this information on the package so consumers can take action and know how to properly recycle it.
  • Advertise it: Is your packaging derived from recycled materials or harvested from sustainably managed forests? Is your plastic packaging compostable or plant-based? Make sure you’re advertising this on the package itself to communicate this to customers.
  • Promote initiatives: Many brands today have adopted long-term sustainability strategies and goals to reduce their carbon footprint and move toward a net-zero operation. Make sure that your customers are aware of these initiatives and put a QR code or website on the package where they can go to learn more about what your brand is doing to help protect the environment.

One of the nice things about packaging is that it can serve as a marketing tool and means of communicating a brand’s sustainability goals to consumers. This, of course, in addition to protecting and safeguarding whatever product is inside it.

How a Food Packaging Consultant Can Help

Need help getting started building brand transparency and communicating any sustainability goals? That’s where a food packaging consultant can help. From down-gauging packaging and using less overall material to optimizing packaging design and acquiring packaging materials from renewable resources — and communicating sustainability efforts in a clear, concise way — a food packaging consultant can help share your brand’s sustainability initiatives and increase consumer trust through transparency. Remember, product packaging is a great way to build a brand. Be sure you’re utilizing it to its fullest extent.

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