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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Food Consultant

A food business consultant goes by several monikers, including a food service consultant and a restaurant consultant. No matter the name of the professional, the consultant provides similar services—making recommendations to increase the customer base while reducing overhead. Food business consultants have superior knowledge of industry trends and assist with launches, expansions, and reorganizations. If you’re interested in hiring a food consultant for your company, you should know the basics of what services to expect from the professional.

The expertise of the food business consultant

Before hiring a food consultant for your company, review their qualifications. The professional will have proficiency in a range of food service areas and have an innate knowledge of how the business works. Consultants have undergone specialized training to address the most pressing issues that clients face. Professionals understand how to advocate on behalf of food service companies and develop business plans for their success.

Specialized food product assistance

A food business consultant will provide specialized services based on the client’s needs and requests. Many turn to consultants to increase revenue, but they can recommend different strategies based on a few key factors. Before recommending any services, the food consultant will likely audit your business. Things reviewed by the consultant include:

  • Age of business
  • Target demographic
  • Budget
  • Location

Types of services offered by a food business consultant

After an initial evaluation, the food business consultant will recommend one or more services based on your goals. The following are types of services that a food business consultant may offer:

  • Assessments. If you have a new product, you don’t want to leap into the market without any idea of how well it could sell. Consultants often provide an assessment of a product along with a detailed marketing strategy for launch.
  • Food brokerage and distribution. The consultant hired by you can assist with making profitable brokerage agreements to help sell your product to stores. With a consultant advocating for you, profit margins improve. To attract brokers, a food business consultant will work with you to brand a product to ensure widespread appeal.
  • Food branding and packaging. Consultants develop a marketing strategy with each client. As part of the marketing strategy, you will receive guidance on branding that sells your products. Packaging changes may be made as a way to stay in line with newly developed marketing plans.
  • Food product development and launch. Food business consultants are available for hire at any stage, including the period before manufacturing commences. Even if you have the beginning of a food product plan, a consultant can step in and make your idea a reality. Most importantly, you reduce costs on the production line. Furthermore, launch services are essential for new businesses or established types with new products.
  • Lower sourcing and manufacturing costs. When you sell food products, overhead costs can make or break your business. You’ll have to factor in costs such as manufacturing, brokerage, packaging, distribution, and marketing. Consultants help you lower these costs as a way to improve profit margins.

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