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Embracing New Retail Foodservice Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, including the way people eat. Those who used to eat out often suddenly had no choice but to eat at home when their favorite restaurants closed for virus control. Although most restaurants have since reopened, the experience of dining out still isn’t quite the same. Food manufacturers understand the need to work with a food business consultant to meet challenges posed by the pandemic and continue to serve their customers well. 

Food Consumers Are Looking for New Options Too

Whether it’s limited seating, having to make reservations, or having far fewer menu options, the pandemic may have changed the restaurant experience forever. This can be both good news and bad news for the food industry. The downside is that food manufacturers may have fewer opportunities to earn revenue from restaurants since most are likely to place smaller orders. However, that problem creates the opportunity for foodservice companies to step in and replicate restaurant-style meals for people to enjoy at home.

How a Food Business Consultant Can Help Clients Meet Changing Customer Needs

Creating new products and serving customers in a different manner always present a financial learning curve. While companies struggle to adapt, costs can skyrocket before a business begins to post a profit. The following issues may be especially problematic when starting a new product line:

  • Finding a reliable food ingredient supplier that offers reasonable prices and deep discounts for high-volume orders.
  • Inability to find ingredients to create food products due to supply chain issues.
  • Ordering from a supplier only to find that the texture, purity, taste, or quality of the food does not meet company standards.
  • Inability to locate food ingredients or suppliers with the type of the certifications a company needs.

Food service consultant businesses exist to resolve these pain points for clients. After all, the idea behind any type of business is to reduce costs and increase profits, not the other way around. With years of food industry experience behind them, consultants enable clients to meet these challenges in outside-the-box ways.

One example is focusing on creating signature food items that mimic what food consumers used to order in restaurants. People often stick with their favorites and would naturally gravitate towards food they love offered in another way. The ability to place an order on a smartphone application with a local grocery store or restaurant and then pick up a meal they can just heat up would be a big selling point as well.

With the purchasing power of a food business consultant company at their disposal, food manufacturers can significantly decrease their packaging and ingredient costs. Consultants also have extensive food industry connections, ensuring a prompt response to any food chain supply issues that arise.

Ready to Work with a Food Business Consultant? Contact The Greater Good Today

Based in Ontario and serving Canada and the United States, The Greater Good offers a wide range of solutions for current food industry challenges. Businesses looking to reduce costs, increase profits, find reliable suppliers, and solve other common problems should contact The Greater Good through this link.

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