Building Buzz with a Food Business Consultant

Perhaps you’ve never heard of food business consultants before now, and you’re wondering how we could tie into the marketing of your new product. Simply put, we’re here to help you. We understand that start-up companies have many difficulties when it comes to getting off the ground, we’ll help you tackle them one by one.

A Food Business Consultant Can Help Source Products

Maybe you can’t find a key component that is required for your product, but that’s one of the ways that food business consultants like the Greater Goods can help with. Components are more than just ingredients or additives in a product. They can be a part of a manufacturing chain or distributing strategy. We can help locate a component while assuring secure delivery. More so, once we know what type of product you wish to sell, we can help you find buzz-generating companies to work with. Think things like high-quality plant-based manufacturers for your meat substitute product, or famous flour mills or dough companies to provide for you, or even renowned delivery and supermarket chains to help you put your creation out there.

Setting Prices to Make the Sale

Another frequent problem that troubles start-ups and even established companies is pricing their products. This is highly dependent on the consumer demographics predicted to purchase your product, the location (and therefore cost of living), cost of manufacturing and marketing, and many other fixed and variable costs. The same product sold at a Yellowknife grocer would be listed at a far cheaper price than in a Vancouver supermarket, for example. Even when your product is stocked on shelves, food business consultants can still work with you to bring the price down by shaving off unnecessary expenses that could be generated down the road.

Bringing Your Costs Down to Help You Reach a Wider Audience

This brings us to a further look into the expenses of manufacturing and marketing, particularly the latter. We have comprehensive knowledge of the food business and therefore can assist you in finding the right quality for the right dollar to fulfill your needs. Also, we are on the constant search to find better and more efficient goods. We want to help you get the best deals and further your bottom line.

Building Buzz through Targeted Marketing

In the information age, hype and buzz is everything. Marketing has become more and more important not only so that you can compete with other companies, but so that you can reach your target audience, too. We’re familiar with just how powerful good marketing is on audiences like Canadian children, for example. With a Tweet or short video, you can also reach large portions of a demographic. Coming up with your personal story or one tailored to be relatable with your target audience is the best way to generate buzz—and we can help you do that.

Whether you may be struggling to find your way or you have set forth with solid goals in mind, we know that you are aiming high. Here at the Greater Goods, we have connections and contacts in many places in the industry. Whether you wish to expand nationally or internationally, we have the means to introduce you to prospective clients who may be interested in your product. We firmly believe that when you succeed, we succeed along with you. Have questions or would you like to learn more? Contact us today!

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