Why Branding and Packaging are Important for Your Food Business

If you look around at some of the top food businesses in the industry, you will almost undoubtedly recognize two things: their branding and their packaging. For example, you could probably pick out a Heinz ketchup bottle from a mile away or describe what a Kraft macaroni and cheese box looks like from memory.

The reason why you know these products so well is that these companies know how important branding and packaging is to their success. How does that work, though? Why is branding and packaging so important in the food business?

Well, it’s due to a few different reasons. Let’s explore these further below.

Good Brand Packaging is Recognizable

As previously stated, you can easily pick out or picture just about all the most successful brands and their packaging out there. This is important, as it allows these companies to stand out from similar brands and products in the notoriously competitive food industry. 

Think of it this way: when people are rushing to get through the grocery store, they’re likely only going to be scanning the items as they make their way down their list. If they typically prefer your product but can’t find it on the shelf, they may move on to one of your competitors to save time, as some people don’t really notice the difference between similar food products anyway. If you take two different soup products made by two different companies out of their packaging (cans, in this case), for example, would you necessarily know which is which just by looking at the product?

When food products can be so similar, good brand packaging may be all you have to stand out from the competition, so make sure yours is recognizable.

Good Brand Packaging is Consistent

Once your brand’s packaging becomes familiar to consumers, it’s important to ensure that you keep it consistent across all your products. If someone becomes a big fan of one of your items, for example, they may be more willing to try other offerings from your company. Good, recognizable brand packaging will make finding your products a lot easier for them, as they will know exactly what to look for when scanning the shelves.

Good Brand Packaging Keeps the Environment in Mind

These days, consumers are arguably more environmentally conscious than they have ever been in the past, and for good reason. Climate change and how individuals and organizations are contributing to it is an ever-growing concern, and the younger generations especially are looking for businesses to take more responsibility for their part. Therefore, investing in sustainable brand packaging should be a priority for all companies, not just those in the food industry.

Good Brand Packaging Reduces Future Marketing Costs

If you take all the above into consideration, you should be able to create brand packaging that keeps consumers buying your products for years, thereby reducing your future marketing costs. Once you really get your brand and its products off the ground, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money telling people about them – if you have good brand packaging, they’ll already know.

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