Better-for-You Snacking Options to Consider for a New Business

When you snack between meals, you consume food or beverages. The term “snack foods” refers to processed, high-calorie items like chips and cookies. However, snacking means eating or drinking something between meals, regardless of whether the food is healthy. Besides hunger, location, social environment, time of day, and food availability also contribute to snacking. People often snack when tasty food is around — even when they’re not hungry. In this blog post, we’ll give you some better-for-you snacking options to consider for a new business.


Many people think of yogurt as a healthy breakfast food, but it can make a great snack, too. Starting a yogurt-based snack business could be a delicious and profitable venture. There are many different ways to sell yogurt as a snack.

For example, you could offer plain yogurt with various toppings or yogurt smoothies made with fresh fruit. Make your yogurt snacks if you want to get creative. Your new snack business will find a market no matter what route you take. So, selling yogurt might be the perfect solution if you’re searching for a delicious way to make money.

Veggies and Hummus

Another better-for-you snacking option to consider for a new business is veggies and hummus. This combination provides a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Hummus is also high in protein and low in fat. And like yogurt, it may have additional health benefits, such as improving blood sugar control. You can serve veggies and hummus together as a dip or include them as part of a larger snack plate with other items like crackers or fruit.


If you’re looking for a new snack business, selling nuts is a great option. Nuts are healthy, delicious, and versatile, making them perfect for a wide range of customers. You can sell them whole, roasted, or flavored; in individual bags or bulk containers; as part of a larger snack mix, or on their own.

What’s more, nuts are relatively inexpensive to produce, so that you can offer them at a competitive price. With all of these factors working in your favor, selling nuts is a great way to enter the snack market.


If you’re thinking of selling pretzels, you’re not alone.  pretzels are a popular snack food, and there’s always room for another player in the market. The first thing you should know about running a pretzel business is what you need to know before you begin.

First, pretzels are a perishable product, so you’ll need to have a plan for keeping them fresh. Second, they’re also a high-maintenance product – customers expect pretzels to be soft and fresh-tasting, so you’ll need to have a way to ensure that your product meets those standards.


If you’re considering starting a new snack business, consider offering some better-for-you snacking options. These options are relatively healthy and provide a good source of nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Plus, they tend to be more filling than other snack foods. Thanks for reading!

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