8 Advantages Of Stand Up Pouches

Whether you’ve been producing and supplying packaged food for a number of years or are relatively new to the industry, you’re undoubtedly keeping an ear to the ground for potential ways to improve your appeal to consumers and to keep costs low without sacrificing quality. Stand up pouches are an excellent packaging solution for a variety of food and beverage items. Following are just eight of the many reasons why you should ask your food packaging consultant if they’re right for your business.

They Offer Superior Protection

Food stays fresher longer in stand up pouches than it does in alternative storage. They also offer superior protection against pests, atmospheric moisture, dust, and other environmental conditions with the potential to damage their contents. Because they’re puncture-resistant, there’s less chance of contents being damaged during routine handling. They also don’t tear easily, making them good choices for storing items such as chocolates, nuts, dried fruits, loose tea, and finely ground products such as coffee and cocoa.

They Offer Versatility

Custom manufacturing is available to ensure that stand up pouches are the right size and shape for their intended contents and can be die-cut for optimal visibility on the shelf. They can also be equipped with features such as zippers, transparent windows, handles, spouts, and top holes depending on which options are most suitable for individual products.

They’re Easily Transported

Stand up pouches are easy to transport thanks to their relative lightness when compared to their packaging counterparts as well as the fact that the individual units don’t take up much space. Both of these factors combine to reduce transit costs and make them easier to move and store. They’re also far less likely to get damaged while in a warehouse or on a freight truck.

They’re Less Expensive to Manufacture

Stand up pouches are also less expensive to manufacture than other packaging options such as boxes, bottles, and printed folding cartons. Other forms of packaging cost an average of three to six times as much per unit. This allows suppliers to pass savings on quality products on to their consumers.

They Offer Superior Shelf Impact

Another major advantage of stand up pouches is the way they look on a shelf. Because stand up pouches offer larger printable surfaces on the part that faces the customers, they have a distinct competitive edge over their counterparts. Enhanced HD graphics capability can also be utilized to create eye-catching designs and labels with maximum appeal to consumers.

They’re Extremely Convenient

Consumers also prefer this type of packaging because it’s so convenient. Techier resealable closures help extend the life of the products once they reach the homes of consumers, and features such as spouts and handles make them easy to use in the kitchen. Steamable stand up pouches are also available, creating ultimate consumer convenience for products that need to be microwaved before they can be eaten.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Due to their small size, stand up pouches take up less room in the landfill than other types of packaging such as boxes and bottles. Their light weight and compatible size results in less fuel emissions activity during transport. Their manufacturing process also involves fewer volatile compounds as well as less water and energy.

They’re Flexographic Printing Friendly

Flexographic printing technology can be utilized to provide stand up pouches with stunning graphics with extremely precise lettering and images, making it possible for package design to reflect brands with the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the advantages of using stand up pouches for your products instead of traditional packaging.

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