Why 95% of Food Startups Fail… and How We’ll Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen to You!

Welcome to The Greater Goods!

As you may know, 95% of the people who attempt to launch
food products into the marketplace fail.
And they don’t just fail… they fail miserably
and never recover financially, mentally, or emotionally.
All their hard-earned money–plus all the time and effort they put
into launching their brand–was all for nothing.
In the end, they’re left with boxes of products stacked to the ceiling, which they try to sell at deep discounts… hoping to recoup but a fraction of the money they spent launching their brand.

Let us show you exactly how to avoid spending your hard-earned money launching a product that no one wants to buy!

“Why do most products fail to make it in the marketplace?”

Why do most people fail at launching their food product into the marketplace? Because their product doesn’t fit into the marketplace landscape, so no one is interested in buying it.
Meaning: their product is either out of sync with consumer demand, has outdated packaging, is not following market trends, or is duplicating product features that are already in the marketplace.
So how will we prevent all of this from happening to you?”
The Greater Goods is currently offering, for a limited time only, a 45 minute, in-depth, unbiased, professional, pre-launch evaluation of your product or product idea to help you determine the likelihood of it being successful in the marketplace.
The insights gained from this interview–which is conducted in a “Q & A” format–will save you tons of grief and money.

You’ll never be one of those people who spend thousands of dollars launching a product that no one in the marketplace wants to buy.

“How does this live interview of yours work?”

The CEO of The Greater Goods, Bernard, will interview its in-house, Consumer-Packaged Goods expert, Ms. Donna.
Ms. Donna has been in the business for over 30 years and visits eight retail stores per day, or about 160 stores per month.
She enjoys deep-industry retail relationships via an extensive network of 35 major retailers in the world.
During the live-product-evaluation interview, Bernard–who has been in the food consulting business for over 20 years–will also offer his insights; make expert recommendations and share the pros and cons of your food product or food product idea.

“What happens after the live interview?”

When the interview with Ms. Donna and Bernard concludes, Bernard will send the complete audio file to you, along with a text version of the interview, for your convenience.
Upon your receipt and review of the audio and/or text files, Bernard will schedule a meeting to answer any questions that you may have about the interview.
You can expect that Bernard and Ms. Donna will be very candid and honest with you concerning the chances your product has of making it in the extremely competitive consumer packaged goods industry.

“Who will benefit most from this live interview?”

1) people who have great product ideas and want to run their idea by an industry expert before launching their brand,
2) people who have a finished product but don’t know where to begin, who to approach, or how to approach the people who can help them the most,
3) people with brands already in the marketplace who are looking for guidance and advice,
4) people who are doing well in the marketplace but don’t know how to take their food business to the next level. 

                    Some of the questions that will be covered during this live product
                        evaluation interview, concerning your product or product idea are as follows:


 What is our overall impression of your product from both a buyer’s and a consumer’s point of view?
 What are the pros and cons of your product or product idea?
 What are the best flavors and/or colors for your product, and why?
 What do retailers look for in a product’s ingredient list?
 What is the industry-standard shelf life for your product category?
 What are the best types of stores to launch your product in?
 What is the best price range for your product?
 What is the best demographic to sell your product?
 What is the best category, location, and position of your product in stores and why?
 What does your competition look like in the marketplace?
 What changes you will need to make to effectively compete in the marketplace.
 Is your product branding on target?
 Why would someone want to purchase your product?
 What are people looking for in your product category?
 What types of promotions do we recommend for your product?
 What is your product’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?
 What is the best packaging (size, quantities, etc.) for your product and why?
 Are all necessary certifications in place?
 Is there an unfulfilled need in the marketplace for your product?
 What problem does your product solve for people?
 What selection options does your product offer in terms of color, size, flavors, etc., that other similar 
 products don’t offer?
 What are the chances of your product doing well in the marketplace?
 … and a whole lot more!

In conclusion…

If you’re interested in knowing if your product has what it takes to make it in the marketplace, without losing a dime of your hard-earned money, then click the button below to schedule a free, no-obligation, 15-minute call with myself, Bernard, the CEO of The Greater Goods.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

To your food business success,
Bernard Verkaaik
CEO of The Greater Goods, Inc.
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