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Building A Food Startup? We Can Help.

If you need help ramping up your food startup, you’re in the right place. That’s what we do. The Greater Goods works with entrepreneurs with breakthrough healthy foods products. We can give you all the support and the tools you need to scale your business. Once the various parts of your food startup are aligned and set up for success, we can help get your product into stores—here and abroad.

From Sourcing Ingredients To Stimulating Sales

We help food startups like yours iron out the wrinkles in all aspects of the business, from ingredients sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, financing, branding…everything it takes to create a superb product, an exciting brand, and get it into the marketplace.

We know how difficult it can be to navigate the maze: you have a great new product, but it’s not clear how to scale up, how to bring it to market, how to achieve success. And for most companies, financing is not the only issue. We can help you navigate the maze in many, many ways.

Liva Foods is one Greater Goods client that needed help in several areas. Their first need involved ingredient sourcing: the perfect date sugar was proving to be very elusive. In the end, we went to the Middle East and found it, then shepherded it through the process of organic and GMO-free certification. We then took their (excellent) branding and introduced them to a firm that produces standout packaging—a perfect match. When the final product was ready, we signed $2 million in deals with brokers in Europe, the U.S., Korea and Japan. Then, in the month after Liva took us on as their master sales broker for Canada, we signed up six independent stores and inked deals with Whole Foods and Sobeys.

Read the Liva Foods story here!

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We’re optimistic. You should be as well. We can help you get where you want to go. We know the food industry backwards and forwards. We have a strong network of worldwide ingredients brokers, manufacturers, packagers, overseas sales brokers and investors. And we have a great sales team of our own.

We can help you clarify your next steps. You’ll feel empowered. And you’ll grow your business. It all starts with a FREE 30-minute consultation with us (Bernard and Cam). We’ll learn about your business, trade questions and answers with you, and hopefully begin working together. At the very least, you will learn a lot—that’s a given. At best, you’ll be on the short path to sales success.